So heres the thing, Gus was never on a leash until he was about 2 years old because we lived in the country and there was no need for it. He immediately learned to hate it & thought it was strictly made for games of tug of war. This lead to me purchasing a chain leash so he could no longer bite at the cloth leash and whip me around in circles while all but pulling my arms out of socket. Jokes on me though, Gus quickly learned that he could not bite the chain but the part his mom held onto was the same cloth from the tug of war leash! This results in Gus biting the cloth handle (made for humans) while his mom holds onto the chain leash. EVERY SINGLE WALK. Not a day passes that I dont hear someone say “ha, look at that dog walking himself” or “whose walking who” … its about every other day that I hear “mom, look at that crazy dog” or “would ya take a look at that!” Also, gus is a very private pooper. He only goes to the bathroom in bushes, tall grass, or around the corner & if he finds a good spot… he stays loyal to it for a couple weeks before moving on to the next. So, if he finds the perfect place across town on a day we take a long walk….. guess where I have to walk at 5 in the morning just to get my dog to goto the bathroom….

Now that I have given you a visual of what an average walk with Gus is like, let me tell you about the day we moved into my town apartment.

Day 1 : Gus had found his perfect potty about a block away the night before, which was great! That meant I didnt have to be drug too far (it had rained all night & at the time of our walk it was a steady downpour). I had got myself all ready for work while Gus had ate his fancy food breakfast (thats what we call ground turkey, peas, & carrots mixed in with his dry dog food because who doesnt meal prep for their dog, right?!) Day light was just starting to break so we headed out for what I had anticipated on being a short walk. We had made it to his spot in no time, as he sniffed it out & took a squat I noticed his attention was on the row of hedges bordering another alley way. I had saw a lady in perfect rain gear, a fancy umbrella, holding a cup of coffee, walking her dog that easily could of been mistaken as a mouse. I just kept whispering “no” to Gus repeatedly. After completing his business I bent down with the poop bag & thats when it happened…

Gus let out more of a scream then a bark & it was game over. My hand came out of the bag and directly into the fresh pile of processed fancy food. I was then drug through the yard face first, belly flopping around, until i was stuck in the row of hedges. OHH I FORGOT TO TELL YOU! This yard was freshly ripped up & reseeded so it was nothing but a mud pit. As i am stuck on the other side of the hedges I am yelling at this lady to please run away quickly to make it stop. The look in her eyes reflected she was 100% terrified and maybe slightly amused.

She walked away slowly.

As I untangled myself and got Gus to calm down I walked over to pick up the poop bag. Right after I did this Gus decided to run around me in circles trying to bite the bag… which then wrapped the leash around me and my poop covered hand/arm… smearing even more of it all over my side. It was then that I just started bawling.

I cried the entire way home as Gus pranced around like the happiest puppy you could ever see.

That morning I had to shower AGAIN & throw out a nice work outfit all because Gus gets too excited to meet new friends. Remember, this is just day 1, and I bet youre already baby talking your dog about how good they are just from reading this.

Stay tuned, it only gets better!