If you have followed the previous post, describing me & gus as the movie “Marley & Me” is 100% accurate. Each day is full of adventure, sometimes Im crying out of frustration, laughing so hard Im crying, or beyond embarrassed and running the entire way back home. Gus is full of life, love, & sometimes a little too much energy. We are so excited to share our stories with you … I promise they are far from ordinary & will leave you beyond thankful your dog has manners and is well behaved. Gus is not a bad dog, he just has a little attitude and a mother who spoils him way too much which led him to believe its his way or the highway. Stay tuned as we have lots of things to share, from walks that lead to dog mom, Bailey, carrying a 100 lb lab 5 blocks home due to a cactus accident, Gus getting attacked by the alley cat that lives in his favorite bush to pee on, all the way to having bark battles with storm drains… because his echo is easily mistaken for a dog who lives in the drains & follows him around.